Let’s Give Some Examples

Pop Quiz!

What is the most common type of roofing you see in suburban American homes?

What colors are they and what do you think they are made of?

samehousesAlright so we don’t have the exact numbers or statistics on this question so take what we say with a grain of salt, but if you said grey/black and asphalt (refer to this Chesterfield Roofing Company that we have used for an example), then you at least thought of the same answer that we had in mind.

Now what about the side and other parts of the exterior of a house? What do you think is the most common material used and what colors are you seeing the most often?

Again, we don’t have the stats to this question but if you said vinyl or aluminum (refer to these Vinyl Siding Options for another example), then you have again picked the same answer as us!

Great job!

Nothing Wrong With These Homes

Now, we certainly don’t have anything against these styles of homes or the owner’s taste in decor, but Stylish Home Fashions has always been all about being unique and letting our creativity take over.

This is what got us all of our popularity and success when we originally started with baby decor and products!

So what other options are there out there for your exterior? Well, unfortunately their aren’t that many options in regards to what you can use to build a house, but there are certainly plenty of options out there to spice things up! You can always hire a plethora of painting and siding companies to come and make whatever you have in mind come to life.

And never be afraid to ask for their professional opinions or feel out what they think about what you have in mind. Remember that these people do this for a living and are generally more than happy to give their honest and professional opinion on what they do best. On that note, there are also a number of professional interior and exterior design companies that know what’s hot and what’s not in today’s day and age.

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