Does the Same Apply to the Exterior?

So if you couldn’t tell from our last discussion, we here at Stylish Home Fashions have always loved colors! We love nothing more than a house that goes out of their way to give their home a unique, yet classy aesthetic look that separates them from the rest of the houses in their neighborhood.

I don’t know about you, but we have noticed more and more that neighborhoods are tending to have what appears to be exact replicas of homes throughout the whole neighborhood. The opening song and intro to the TV show “Weeds” has never been more accurate than in today’s day and age.

Keeping the Same Ideas in Mind

Although we love houses that separate themselves from others, it is just as important to us not to go overboard with color schemes on the exterior of your house as it is for the interior.

old house1How many of you out there have that one house on the street that is painted in rainbow colors, with no real style or method to the madness? Now we respect what they are trying to do by expressing their sort of “individuality” with their home, but no one likes an attention seeker and it is painfully obvious when this is the case.

For those of you with less experience than others in home decorating, it is best to at the bare minimum ensure that your roof and siding color schemes at least blendĀ together andĀ are easy on the eyes, yet still unique enough to grab someone’s attention.

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