Be Unique, But Realistic

So at the end of the day, what does every home owner hope for when they purchase their homes?

To eventually one day make some money!

This is why it is important to keep in mind what is popular in today’s market place and what people are generally looking for in regards to styles of homes. We have talked about and obviously love creativity here at Stylish Home Fashions, but you don’t want to go overboard and make something so unique that you are going to be the only person out there who appreciates it! And this is what is cool is to protect your home with: top rated home security systems

For the Sellers

Well, if you don’t even plan on selling your home in the future then you can skip this post and go as crazy as you would like!

winterFor the majority out there however, we would like to sell our investment eventually and make a little bit of extra money if all goes well. This is why it is important to keep the general theme of the home market value in mind when doing any sort of major changes or improvements to your home. You never want to lose money when making any changes to your home and if you do something so drastic that you are the only one who can appreciate it, this is exactly what you might end up doing.

This is where the professionals come in once again and can help steer you in the right direction. We will give more credit to another team of contractors that I have personally used in the past at – Tuck Pointing. Like most of you reading this, I don’t have that much of an idea on what exactly is “selling” in today’s market place and like most professional companies out there, they did and helped me make some decisions that I just couldn’t make my mind up on.

Remember that these guys are in the business for a reason and have the experience that you and I do not!

The Roof is a Frame For Your Home

Have you ever heard of anyone saying that you should never be stingy with the cost of a haircut because your hair is what frames your entire face? Alright, maybe a few of you gentlemen reading this haven’t heard that in your life before so trust us ladies when we say it.

The Same For Your Home!

Well the same concept can be applied to the roof of your home! Think of it as a hairstyle that frames the entire foundation of your house; and we all know how distracting a bad haircut can be.

So before we have mentioned that you don’t have to be afraid if you don’t really know where to start when trying to outline how you want your home to look but not to worry! This is where the professionals can come in to give you a push in the right direction and steer you into your ideal vision.

niceplace2Here is another team of St. Charles Roofers that we have used in the past for a number of their services and just like we are sure a lot of you would be, we didn’t really know where to begin when choosing what roof and siding we wanted to outline our home.

Professional teams of contractors like this love to share the knowledge that they have in their respective industry and 9 times out of 10 are more than happy to talk to you about whatever questions, comments, or concerns you may have with the work that you want done.

If you still aren’t convinced that you need a professional team to help you out just yet, there are a number of resources online that you can use to help expand on some of the ideas that you may have started in your head. Real Simple is one that I have been a huge fan of for a long time now and offers a huge variety of different options and ideas for you to try out on your own!


Let’s Give Some Examples

Pop Quiz!

What is the most common type of roofing you see in suburban American homes?

What colors are they and what do you think they are made of?

samehousesAlright so we don’t have the exact numbers or statistics on this question so take what we say with a grain of salt, but if you said grey/black and asphalt (refer to this Chesterfield Roofing Company that we have used for an example), then you at least thought of the same answer that we had in mind.

Now what about the side and other parts of the exterior of a house? What do you think is the most common material used and what colors are you seeing the most often?

Again, we don’t have the stats to this question but if you said vinyl or aluminum (refer to these Vinyl Siding Options for another example), then you have again picked the same answer as us!

Great job!

Nothing Wrong With These Homes

Now, we certainly don’t have anything against these styles of homes or the owner’s taste in decor, but Stylish Home Fashions has always been all about being unique and letting our creativity take over.

This is what got us all of our popularity and success when we originally started with baby decor and products!

So what other options are there out there for your exterior? Well, unfortunately their aren’t that many options in regards to what you can use to build a house, but there are certainly plenty of options out there to spice things up! You can always hire a plethora of painting and siding companies to come and make whatever you have in mind come to life.

And never be afraid to ask for their professional opinions or feel out what they think about what you have in mind. Remember that these people do this for a living and are generally more than happy to give their honest and professional opinion on what they do best. On that note, there are also a number of professional interior and exterior design companies that know what’s hot and what’s not in today’s day and age.