Staying Consistent

Even though pretty much everything we talk about on here is going to depend largely on personal preference, there are a few things that everyone should keep in mind regardless of their likes and dislikes.

Maintain A General Theme

So remember our little analogy about your roof being a frame for your house in the same way your hair is a frame for your face? Well you wouldn’t get a haircut that is a completely different style than your clothes or general appearance, right?

houses2Well the same sort of idea applies to your home as well and you should try and keep a general theme for your home as a whole. If you have brightly colored siding on your home, then you should probably stick with that sort of idea for the roof of your home as well and vice versa.

The same sort of theme should remain consistent across your whole house across. You don’t want the back of your house to be a different style or color as the front of it and you generally want to stick with one sort of style throughout the entire thing.

The Same for the Interior

If you want to really impress your guests, then it never hurts to maintain the same theme for the exterior of your home as for the interior. This shows that you really care about making your home stylish and keeping up with the times!