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diamondWe have decided to bring our page back because of both demand from our loyal readers and simply because we miss it! There is nothing we love more than getting letters and emails from our fans that praise what we have to say and how much our tips have helped them out over the years.

We want this page to be intended for both males and females and for any husbands out there reading this, we hope you find something you can use to impress your wife and think outside of the box! Nothing says romantic more than a husband who takes the bull by the horns and isn’t afraid to spruce their home up a little bit.

But we aren’t focusing just on women’s wants and needs with our page, we want to also talk a little bit about how to improve your home overall and increase the lifespan by potentially years! There is a lot that goes into both building and decorating a home and we want to cover as many bases as we can with our triumphant return!